Terms and Conditions

We urge all of our customers, subscribers to read the terms and conditions completely. On confirmation, you will be automatically deemed to be in agreement with all the terms and conditions while using any of our services or products.

The website(VeggyBox) will be referred to as website and the VeggyBox App as the Mobile App. The (we, us and our as applicable) are all used for the owners of the VeggyBox. The farmers who own the land and cultivate the vegetables and fruits will be referred as “cultivator”. You will be referred to “the customer”

Organic Status- Always Natural

VeggyBox, unit of Cultivatech Agro Innovations Pvt Ltd is an agricultural start-up that are investing in the improvising the lifestyle of the consumers and the life of the farmers. In our advent, not all the products specified will be organic. But everything will be natural grown. There is no use of chemicals, toxic fertilizers. Except for the organic fertilizers, we will be using natural fertilizers.

In India, the best form of agricultural practice will be of natural. In fact, natural farming is more superior to organic farming. Hence we will be able to provide the right affordable prices for the products ordered.


Natural calamities, change in climate or any other external factors which are beyond our control may affect delivery pattern, quality and quantity

Registration Accessibility and password security

All the customers are encouraged to register their accounts and subscribe to our services. Be wary of the login credentials and the safeguard the accessibility. VeggyBox will not be accounted for any theft because of negligence from the customer's end.

Downloading the App

It is hereby advised not to get click on any spammy links to reach for our application.

Always please visit the Google Playstore to download the VeggyBox App and have the farm-fresh produce to your homes.

Intellectual Property

All the content, designs, logos and services available on the registered website VeggyBox is solely under the ownership of VeggyBox and in case of any plagiarism or any sort of illegal activity. The account holder will be accountable for any legal action to be taken from VeggyBox and will be administered to serve the charges and compensation to the company.

This Site/ App or any part of it (including but not limited to any copyrighted material, trademarks, or other proprietary information) may not be reproduced, duplicated, copied, sold, resold, visited, distributed or otherwise exploited for any commercial purpose without Our express written consent and/or Our affiliates’ written consent, as may be applicable.

Changes to the Terms

These terms and conditions will be updated over the course of time and the changes in the terms and conditions will come to your notice through the email.

Changes to the website content

The changes to the content, design, and the products will be done during the course of time without any prior notice to you(The Customer). And the rights are held only by the owners of the VeggyBox.

Your Obligations

As a part of the service, as a customer, we would want you to follow a few rules

  • In no way, should your content that is related to VeggyBox should be harmful, toxic, or defaming, pornographic while circulating in the other social media or the other communication groups.
  • No service or products like organic vegetables, fruits, pulses, greens must never be on a re-sale to another consumer.
  • No part of the website must be plagiarized.
  • VeggyBox, You and the Cultivator

    You must be aware that the Natural/ organic fruits, vegetables, and other farm-produce is grown by the farmer aka cultivator and you do not hold any ownership on the piece of land that the produce is grown, not on the rental nor on the lease basis.

    The whole land solely belongs to the cultivator.

    We also do not hold any rights over the cultivator's choice of choosing a different method to sell the farm produce. It is solely the cultivator's choice if not bound by any written agreement.

    The email opt-in

    The email or the phone number that you provide on the VeggyBox site will be used solely for healthy communication. If at any time you want exit, you can always do so by contacting our support team.

    Termination Of the Account

    If you violate or breach any component of the terms and conditions page. We hold the authority to stop providing all or a part of the service from the app/website to you. We may also delete or disable your account with VeggyBox at any given time.