Refund Policy

Subscription Fees

  • The VeggyBox operates on a pre-paid subscription model. The plans are available as monthly, quarterly, half-year and annual packages. The subscription fees are as specified on the website and the Mobile App. It is also subjected to variation with respect to market fragility.
  • For the continuous availability of the VeggyBox service, you need to ensure that your total subscription dues are paid on or before the last due date for each specified subscription period.
  • Discounts and special offers are only valid for a specific period of time after which the price on the discounts and offers ceases to exist. The subscription rates will renew to the then-current subscription rates. We will communicate the changes.
  • VeggyBox may increase the subscription or the delivery rates depending on the critical market situation. But any notice in the change will be updated to you 15 days prior thus allowing you to make the choice.
  • Refunds

  • If you are a paid subscriber and you want to unsubscribe midway through the monthly subscription. Then, you need to inform VeggyBox team 15 days prior.
  • If it is a sudden decision, then the service will continue for the 15 days of your subscription and only after that, the remaining amount will be refunded after proper communication between the VeggyBox and the customer.
  • Cancelling Account

  • You can cancel your subscription any time by emailing us at or from navigating to the “My Accounts” section in the app.
  • Upon cancellation, your access will not be terminated immediately, and services will continue till the end of your subscribed cycle.