Privacy Policy

CultivatechAgro Innovations Pvt Ltd is a registered company, under which VeggyBox brand is used. We have the necessary trademark and authenticity to manage the various collected data from our customers.

In this privacy policy, we define how we collect your information, why we collect your personal information, and how are that information is used by us.

What is the personal sensitive information?

The passwords, name, address, banking details, sexual orientation, medical records and history, email ID, third party apps like Facebook give us the information about your social presence, your reviews, and the online journey.

When the customer registers into our website, through our technologies we collect the data such as Email ID, first name, last name, address. This is with your consent that we will start tracking your behavior on our website. We collect what the best time you browse our website or app, what kind of category searches that you are doing. We collect your data solely to improvise, provide the perfect products for you at the right time.

If you are a logged-in user with a subscription, then we may have access to your billing information and the products purchased. The third-party technologies or application that process payment may also retain your information of which we have little control. But anything that is stored in VeggyBox website and application will be used with the best practices and legal terms wherein we will never use your personal data and send it to the third parties or other platforms so that they can derive sales from you.

We at VeggyBox only use your personal information for the below-mentioned purposes.

  • To Provide, experiment, split-test, promote our products and improve the VeggyBox Services
  • We will use it to accumulate usage statistics of services provided and think of any improvements required
  • To Provide customized online shopping experience of the fresh farm produce
  • It is also necessary to fight spam, stop fraudulent, and other kinds of indirect and direct abuse to VeggyBox services
  • Third Party Disclosure

    Your sensitive information related to bank accounts, name, IP address, browsing history is all collected with your consent. Although we might share some specific parts of your data to third-party technologies that provide the secure means of payment through the website. We will not share the authority for them to use your data for their sales.

    Although these Third-Party websites and apps or advertisers may use technology to send the advertisements directly to your browser based on your IP address. They may also use cookies, web crawlers, and other technologies to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and advertisements and might use your data to customize your journey as a customer. We do not have access to or control over cookies or other features that such Third-Party websites and apps and advertisers may use, and the information practices of these Third-Party websites and apps and advertisers are not covered by this Privacy Policy. Please directly contact them for more information about their privacy practices and have yourself informed.

    Collecting Cookies

    You have always bombarded with the small popup in almost all the websites you use about accepting cookies. This is the consent that we ask to utilize your personal data to understand customer behaviors.

    This anonymous information is maintained distinctly and is not linked to the Personal Information that you submit to us.

    We primarily use cookies to authenticate your login information, enable secure transactions, advertise to you, and take your retention help to improvise the website features.

    Please feel free to change your browser settings if you do not wish to accept cookies. However, please note that changing your browser setting may affect your experience on the Website.

    However, we do not hold the authority to store our personal data and use it for our benefit other than increasing the efficiency of your experience on our website.


    When we collect your email ID and your phone number, it is to communicate through email, app notifications and SMS, MMS, and other mediums of communication. We might promote the offers, the last-dates, the mind-blowing deals, and basically any information related to the changes made on the website. You may receive such notifications if you are a registered member of the VeggyBox.


    We adhere to standard practices to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of your sensitive Personal Information and to protect your information against unauthorized access or unauthorized alteration, disclosure or destruction.

    We are not responsible for any breach of security or for any actions of any Third Parties that receive your Personal Information through the cookies or logins from the third parties. The Services that are linked to many other sites for processing payments or displaying ads, there we are not/shall be not responsible for their privacy policies or practices as it is beyond our control.

    VeggyBox hereby shall address your discrepancies and grievances with respect to the processing of information in a disciplinary manner within a time frame. For this purpose, please write to and have your grievances sorted out quickly.