Simple. Just log in to our website www.veggybox.in or install the app. Register or login. Choose the subscription plan as per your need and pay the subscription fees.

Stay relaxed, as we start delivering your vegetables on weekly basis to your door step.

You will get 12-13 varieties of vegetables and greens weighing around 6-7 kgs per week

We deliver almost all vegetables grown in the region on a rotational basis. But if you really want to make changes in the vegetables combination please let us know 2 days prior to the delivery. We will deliver the vegetables of your choice.

Our farmers or farmers produce groups are strictly advised not to use any chemicals or pesticides. But we do not have full proof method for this. A fruit can be listed as organic in which case the farmer has a certification. Our farmers follow “ZBNF”- Zero Budget Natural Farming method, which does not have any certification. In ZBNF usage of chemicals and pesticides are avoided.

No. You do not have to pay extra for delivery.

We will deliver your vegetables on weekly basis.

You change your address by logging into your profile and edit.

You will receive 4 deliveries in a monthly subscription. Weekly once.

When subscription gets over, we will send reminders to renew the subscription for uninterrupted vegetables delivery. Active subscription required to deliver vegetables delivery.

You can cancel the subscription any time by writing an email to us at info@veggybox.in. Your deliveries will continue for next 2 weeks or the remaining deliveries whichever is lesser.

Refund is paid for the cancelled subscriptions as per cancellation policy.